Why I Started HomeProzz

“My biggest passion is my family and our home. My parents loved my brother and me well and our home was always the place to be and it still is. They passed along a strong sense of family, security, and loyalty, that I now have for my own children and grandchildren. I love being at home with them. Home is our sacred place. It is the place we belong to. It is the place we grow, grieve, celebrate, cry, and pray together.


I also have a passion for small businesses and the people who own them. My father owned a small business for most of my life, my husband and I own a small business together, and now I own my own. I love the entrepreneurial spirit and passion that people who own their own small businesses have. It is like we have our own language. I love the risk, the hard work, the sense of accomplishment, and the dedication it takes to be successful when it is just you.

People say to figure out what you are passionate about, do that for a living and it won’t feel like work. For me, that is HomeProzz. I get the opportunity to help homeowners by taking the stress and anxiety out of caring for and maintaining their home well. I also get the opportunity to help small business owners that are good at what they do be successful. I am grateful to be their cheerleader, partner, and part of their family.


I invite you to be a part of HomeProzz. Let us help you repair, maintain, and improve your home well when it needs it. HomeProzz is that one place you can trust for anything your home needs. We have the best Home Service providers in Cypress ready to help.“


Welcome to HomeProzz.


Monica Langenberg
Founder & Chief Home Advocate

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